500 GB SATA Desktop Hard Drive-Internal (WD)

100% Original Western Digital Hard Disk Drive

  • Capacity: 500 GB
  • PRM class: 7200
  • Buffer size: 32 MB
  • Pair this large capacity drive with SSD and boost your storage.
  • Best for all types of PC and Laptops and security CCTV DVR
  • Available with warranty


Western Digital brand of this 500 GB SATA Desktop Hard Drive is highly useful for PC, Laptops, CCTV DVRs, notebooks, and external enclosures.  This Hard Disk Drive is low power consuming and requires a current of 5V power DC. This HDD is useful whether you are working in-home or working in offices.

It has a different feature in one HDD and WD products provide you more reliability and guarantee than other brands in the market. 500 GB SATA price in Lahore Pakistan starts from 3000 to so on.  This price is not a big digit to observe however it brings many facilities for you.

This Hard Disk Drive has come with 2 years of manufacturing warranty. This makes our clients more comfortable, gives them peace of mind, and satisfies them to come again and explore the latest things in the market.  You don’t need to go elsewhere because we have all types of products available at the best and most affordable prices.

If you don’t know how to install HDD on your laptop or PC then you can take the best advice from our experts, engineers, and technicians. They are providing many services all across Pakistan. We are a trusted company in Lahore Pakistan but our customers are from many other cities in Pakistan.

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