DSL Modems and Router’s basic functionalities:

DSL Modems and Routers devices are available in Lahore, Pakistan which is provided by Pak Security Solutions. These devices have different purposes and functions related to some web and internet connectivity.

Let’s talk about DSL Modem functionalities:

  • It works as a bridge between analog and digital signals.
  • Your computer system can’t understand analog signals.
  • A modem is used to provide modulation and demodulation.
  • It converts analog signals into digital so that your computer can easily understand them.
  • However, if signals are going from your system outward then it converts the digital signal to analog signals through demodulation.

So, to perform these functions through Modem you need to buy it which can provide more control without any resistance and provide fast web access.

Router devices:

Routers are simple devices and these devices can be wired or wireless. The only function of the router is to route the signals from the modem to other devices either in-home or in offices.

We are providing both types of routers.  Both types have different bandwidth ranges. However, if data transmission quality is important then wired devices are useful because they resist any type of unforeseen traffic as a fixed wire is assigned to fix the device or system. These are common to be used in offices and other organizations to distribute or split networks to different devices.

So, these are the basic uses of DSL Modems and Routers in many organizations and residencies.

If you are confused to choose which brand of these devices? Which is providing more bandwidth? As well which is more suitable regarding the size of your organization?

All these questions are commonly searched by many of our customers before using these devices. But when they get out from our company they get more satisfied and confident. So, you all can ask these questions directly to our team. We have very well experienced and trained persons in all types of products. They have to guide you properly.  We are providing these products all over Pakistan.


DSL Modems and Routers devices in Lahore:

DSL Modems and Router devices are available in Lahore as our office but our services are for all of Pakistan. Some of these devices that we are offering are:

  • N300 Wireless Wi-Fi Router Tenda
  • Wireless N Router TL-WR845N TP-Link
  • Wireless N ADSL2 Router TP-Link
  • WiFi Range Extender TP-Link
  • 4G Wireless N Router TL-MR6400 TP-Link
  • Wireless N ADSL2 Router TP-Link

These all devices are available at low prices as compared to the market price. We provide a warranty on our products so avoid buying from local shops. Make your choice better to get better results and peace of mind.

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