Almost everyone wants to secure their home and office. So if you are thinking to buy a security camera first thing you should keep in mind is to explore the quality of the images. Mostly HIKVISION and Dahua provide 2MP (mega pixel) picture quality which is great. 8 CCTV Cameras Package also provides this quality. Because it is not beneficial for you to buy and set up a camera with low-quality images. So, buy a Full HD 1080p Camera for security purposes.

As well as keep focus on the angle of the Camera that how much area it can cover. Wider the lens of the security camera more the area will be covered by it. The angle of your security camera should be more than 120 degrees. 8 CCTV Cameras Package also provides this feature. It provides a DVR facility where your videos are being recorded on Hard Disk Drive and all cameras appear on one screen and you can monitor easily. It is a plug-and-play technology.  Moreover, buy a security camera according to your environment whether it will be installed indoors or outdoor. Infrared night vision quality is also available in the 8 CCTV Camera Package.

It uses 4K DVR and Dahua HD CVI technology which provides high-quality video more storage power and saves your time in networking wires.

So, these are the basic qualities that the 8 CCTV Cameras Package provides and must keep in mind when you are buying a security camera.

Our mission is to provide the best prices to you which can fulfill your Home, Office, Commercial, Industrial, and Corporate security needs.

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