250 GB SATA Desktop Hard Drive-Internal WD


  • Capacity: 250 GB
  • Buffer size: 16 MB
  • Hard Drive Type: HDD
  • It is designed for desktop computers and it is branded.
  • 100% original with WD testing qualities
  • Best for Desktop PC/Mac or all-in-one PCs, Security CCTV DVR
  • 1-year warranty


Exclusively better performance and fast response time is the requirement of every PC user who is doing any type of business work or handling some other duties remotely. So WB Blue’s internal Hard Disk Drive with 250 GB capacity and 16 MB buffer size is a lot more than its cheap price. Many people are using this technology to make sure the fastest performance and send large files to any other individual.

So, 250 GB SATA Desktop Hard Drive-Internal WD is the solution to your speed and storage problems. It provides super performance to satisfy the tough environment and provides better search results. It has a bundle of features like a 3rd Generation SATA interface with a 6GB/s transfer rate.

Its read and writes seeking operation with SoftSeek technology provide more efficient results. You can use this technology to streamline your work. It is designed for different workstations because some people just need fast access to their system and files however it does not matter how often they will use programs. In Pakistan, this product with many services is available at Pak Security System all across Pakistan. Call us for your queries and stay connected with us.

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