Wi-Fi Camera in Lahore, Pakistan:

Pak Security Solutions has all ranges of Wi-Fi Cameras in Lahore indoor and outdoor cameras. We have hidden camera products as well as bulbs which have a small camera fixed inside them. This type of security camera is more demanding for clients who don’t need hidden camera security products. Wi-Fi security cameras have built-in SD Card and fixed lenses. They have a 10m distance of IR recording.

Wi-Fi Cameras are easy to manage than other HD cameras but some have low image qualities. Wi-Fi cameras work more reliably even at night time because they have their light inside them which automatically turns on when the light goes down and vice versa. They have motion detection and alarming abilities whenever they found any threat.

We are the best and more demanding suppliers of all types of Wi-Fi Cameras in Lahore, Pakistan. We are selling our products in all cities of Pakistan.

Wi-Fi Camera price in Lahore:

Are you looking for the best Wi-Fi Camera price in Lahore? Your search ends here because we have all types of Wi-Fi Cameras ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 or more according to your needs. Just contact us: +923001234274.

Wi-Fi Cameras are suitable for those people who want to look after their homes if they are far from their location. As well as business owners can also take advantage to explore and observe their employees and other staff and non-staff persons if he is out of their office and handling all activities with phone calls.

Pak Security Solutions have great products with great pricing plans all over Pakistan. Security camera pricing starts from 14,000 to onward. It depends on the quality and protection level of security products.

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