16 Ports PoE Switch CP Plus

100% Original 16 Ports PoE Switch CP Plus

  • Model: CP-TNW-HP16G2F1-20, Brand: CP PLUS
  • It supports 16 x 100Mbps downlink PoE Ethernet ports
  • 2x gigabit uplink Ethernet ports
  • 1x gigabit Fiber port
  • It also supports power consumption status.
  • Dimension: 442mm x 285mm x 44.5mm


16 Ports PoE Switch CP Plus brings a lot of innovative qualities and enhances its functioning as compared to the 10 port PoE switch.  It uses low power consumption techniques to provide you with better results.

It is suggested to use gigabit ports PoE switch if you want to connect 2 PoE switches in series for much better working and to simplify the cabling system. However, this 16 ports PoE switch provides you with gigabit ports to do your activities more reliably and to enhance the power supply.  So this is very important to decide before buying any type of switch.

Such type of useful suggestions and advice our team is providing to their clients if they don’t know how and where to use these switches.

The price of 16 Ports PoE Switch CP PLUS is very rare but affordable. You can get it from Pak Security Solutions within your budget.

CP PLUS always provides a manufacturing warranty on its products. Use their products well and simplify your problems.

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