10 Port Fast Ethernet Switch With 8 PoE CPPLUS

100% Original 10 Port Fast Ethernet Switch With 8 PoE CPPLUS

  • 100% original Ethernet switch
  • 8 Channel PoE Model: CP-DNW-HP8-G210
  • Its transmission distance is 0 – 100m.
  • Manufacturing warranty
  • It has maximum120W output.


This branded PoE Switch model: CP-DNW-HP8-G210 is available right now.  10 Port Fast Ethernet Switch With 8 PoE CP PLUS users need many qualities in one package for smooth transmission of videos, and images and to connect multiple devices connected with your router to provide the best functionality. This PoE switch can support 8 cameras, 1 DVR, and 1 Router.  So, it is clear that this device has reduced the cabling process. It simplifies the power and data transmission over the Ethernet cable.

It has maximum 120W output. It provides both functionalities like transferring network signals and providing power to an outside source.  So, if you are dealing with many cabling systems and there is no control on networking and power systems then you have to use PoE switches to make it easy to handle your all devices connected with the router as well as your CCTV cameras with DVR setup.

This CP PLUS product uses a very helpful structure and Algorithms that are very easy to understand and handle.

You can connect one PoE Switch with another PoE switch if you have more devices and projects to handle. So, these capabilities and latest features are helpful and make the tasks simple. We have different types and different ranges of PoE switch according to the client’s requirements.

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