2 FHD CCTV Camera Package Dahua


  • (2MP) 2 HD CCTV Cameras
  • Day & night vision CCTV Cameras
  • Waterproof box for connectors
  • More than 500GB Hard Disk Drive
  • 12VDC-5Amp power supply
  • 150 feet copper wire- BNC connectors
  • 4 channel digital video recorder
  • 1080p waterproof
  • Warranty


Home and office security are important to take a watchful eye on your loved ones and for providing them security. 2 CCTV Camera Package provide us 2 FHD CCTV Camera Package Dahua having many features with affordable price for all Home and office security system. 2 FHD CCTV Camera provide you 500 GB Hard Disk Drive. This CCTV Camera is a very good choice when you want to know what is happening or what happened in playgrounds, airports, parking areas, as well as in the Interior or Exterior of your Home or office buildings.

The more important thing about 2 FHD CCTV Camera Package Dahua is that it has the ability of 4 channel digital video recorder which means it can support approximately more than 4 cameras easily and have the capacity to show all images on one screen. It supports a BNC connector. 1080p TVI Surveillance Camera Day and night vision. These all qualities make this HD Camera the best choice in Pakistan because it can be purchased at an affordable price. Our team is fully trained to install this security device at your doorstep.

Pak Security Solutions provide you with security devices to best fit your home, office, corporate, commercial, and industrial needs.  Moreover, 2 FHD CCTV Camera Package Dahua support  150  feet copper wire with BNC connectors which is recommended by us. It has a Day and night vision feature which means it can see in low light conditions. All these features make 2 FHD CCTV Camera Dahua unique and more demanding in Pakistan.

Warranty and services:

Our all products are available with a warranty of 1 year and full installation support from our team.

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