10 Amp Power Supply Metal Case CP PLUS


  • CP-DPS-MD100-12DMetal Case Power Supply – 10 Amp
  • Input voltage: 180~264VAC
  • Output voltage: 12V DC
  • Current Range: 0~10A
  • It protects from short circuit
  • It protects from override and overvoltage
  • 1-year manufacturing warranty of the camera
  • Video output: HDMI
  • LED indicator for power on
  • Rainproof
  • 100% full load built-in test


So, the power supply takes the energy to convert from one form to another. 10 Amp Power Supply Metal Case CP PLUS has the same functioning. However, its input voltage is 180~264VAC and its output voltage is 12V DC. This could be AC-DC or DC-AC power supply. CP Plus products are very reliable whether they are Time Attendance Machines or Power supplies. It is useful for outdoor security cameras. This could be available with 8-channel pack security cameras.

So, Pak Security Solutions have such durable and reliable products with many features. This is the only platform in Pakistan that is providing its services all over Pakistan with installation, repairing, and maintenance services. Just contact us and get a free consultancy from our experts.

If we talk about the price of a 10Amp power supply in Pakistan it is very much affordable for all who want to protect their systems from short circuits or override and overvoltage.  This is very helpful within a good range.

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