Fingerprint Access Control With EM Card CP Plus


  • Optical sensor recognition speed < 1 sec
  • Communication: USB Flash drive, TCP/IP
  • Identification mode: Fingerprint, EM Card, Password
  • EM lock support Record capacity: 1000 and storage capacity: 100000
  • LCD 2.8 inch TFT color display
  • USB Host Ethernet Connectivity Rj45T
  • Hardware platform: WS307
  • Available with warranty


Fingerprint Access Control with EM Card CP Plus is a security device that provides access control and attendance at both sides of the door. It has 2.8 inch TFT color display screen. EM Card makes this Fingerprint Access Control more secure and its optical recognition speed is less than 1 sec. This is in and out Time attendance machine as well as at the same time an access control machine while your entry and exit time is being recorded.

Due to both sides’ EM lock access control and Fingerprint attendance, many offices and other businesses, and gyms are demanding this device. You can watch the entry and exit times of your employee. Before this, you need to enroll all users or your employees on this device.

Price of Fingerprint Access Control with EM Card Plus:

This amazing Biometric access control device is now available only for RS: 15,500. This price is very low as compared to other security product selling companies in Lahore, Pakistan as well as in other cities.

Warranty and Installation:

CP Plus provides a warranty for its products. Pak Security Solutions provide full facility to its customers more than other companies in Lahore and all areas of Pakistan. Pak Security Solutions plays an important role in taking care of people’s home and office security systems for many years. We know how and from which technology people feel more secure according to their environment.  We are providing this service for the last 20+ years nonstop. Now we are more reachable than any other company because all is about making people happy. Pak Security Solutions have been providing other services like installation, maintenance, and repairing all over Pakistan. Fingerprint Access Control with EM Card CP Plus needs some skills to make it activate so, don’t worry about it our experts are here for your complete guidance they never leave any client in the middle of the process. They will do the installation and also will train you for the next process. Just make us a call and get our free consultation.